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College Foundation of West Virginia's Texting Program

Posted by Paige Altieri on August 3, 2016

We know how effectively text messaging improves student outcomes, and we love to share all of the new research that supports text messaging with you. The latest published research asked: Can text message nudges improve academic outcomes in college? The answer: Yes! 

Drs. Ben Castleman and Katharine Meyer released a working paper in July that detailed their work with the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission to provide college counseling through Signal Vine’s SMS text messaging platform. The text messages provided simplified information, encouragement, and access to one-on-one advising to college students throughout the state of West Virginia. Students who participated in the texting campaign (especially low-income students) completed more freshman year credits than similar students who were not part of the program. 


Dr. Paul Hill, the Chancellor of the Commission, said, “The text messaging project is showing great promise as an innovative and low-cost method for boosting course enrollment and college retention rates. As we strive to meet our goal of doubling the number of degrees we produce by 2025, we will look to creative strategies like this to ensure that more of our students graduate on time." 1

Are we surprised that the project is showing great success? Not one bit. Getting students to college is tough, but getting students through college can sometimes be even harder. Texting provides a channel to the resources students need to be successful throughout college by meeting students where they are - on their phones!

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1. July 2016, College Foundation of West Virginia sees promising early results in providing college counseling through text messaging

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