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Why I Wish I Received Texts From My Academic Advisor

Posted by Jessica Perkins on May 24, 2016

During the school year, there always seems to be some task that's hanging over my head - and I think most students agree. Whether it's upcoming registration dates, financial aid deadlines, or class approvals, there's always some task that we as students need to complete - but for some reason, we just don't.

 Quite often, I put off these tasks because I'm unsure what exactly it is that I need to be doing. Other times, I forget about them all together. Like many students, I have limited communication with my advisor, and the ever present thought, "I really need to email my advisor," continues to be a daunting task that's always put off. 


I get mass email updates every day from my university, so when I occasionally receive an important email, I've unfortunately gotten into the bad habit of automatically tossing it into the trash before I even open it. Receiving too many unnecessary emails detracts from the information that I actually need to be reading. 

My university sends out emergency text alerts, and those are the only messages from the school that I open 100% of the time. The urgency of a text registers as information that I need to be aware of, rather than the numerous irrelevant emails sent every day. The truth is you can't throw a text into the trash the way that you can so easily do with an email.  

If I received texts from my academic advisor to make sure I picked out the right classes for registration and filled out the necessary forms, I would be so much more on top of those tasks. Reminders like these are especially important when students don't know what classes they need to take next semester or when deadlines are approaching for certain applications. 

Every now and then, students needs a nudge in the right direction, and text messages sent by advisors through Signal Vine's platform nudge students to complete required tasks. When advisors initiate conversations in a personalized and direct text message, students are more likely to reach out for the help they need.  


About the author: Jessica is a senior at the George Washington University, where she's studying marketing. She's the Business Development Intern and keeps the team updated on the latest mobile trends for college students.

Topics: Student Life, Academic Advising, Higher Education