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Posted by Brian Kathman on July 6, 2015
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Welcome to TextMeBack, the place where our "Signal Squad" will be sharing everything and anything we think you'll be interested in hearing. There's more than enough information and pictures on our site to give you a sense of who we are, but let me share a little bit more about the Signal Vine community that you might not know (unless you've been working with us for a while).

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First and foremost, we are a passionate bunch! We care deeply about having an impact with technology, about each other and the Signal Vine mission, and of course that our customers feel as strongly about Signal Vine as we do.

We've only just started this amazing journey. We're building a unique organization that is having tremendous impact on not only education, but the lives of countless students. We're only able to do this by working closely with a long list of incredible education-focused organizations. 

So why are we blogging? Well, there are a handful of reasons, but at the heart of it is that we've gotten so busy working with so many of you that we don't have as much time to share everything we're learning. We're discovering new tricks and ideas every day, so we want to make sure to pass these along! 

And what will we be blogging about? As tempting as it might be to tell you all about our incredible messaging platform, we want this to primarily be a learning and sharing forum. This means we plan to not only share our experiences, tips, and perspectives, but to have researchers, partners, and other interesting voices from technology and education share their thoughts and collaborate as well. 


Welcome aboard! Feel free to share with your friends and colleagues, and follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn to make sure you're updated when new posts go live.

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