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WEBINAR: Hit Your Target for New Student Enrollment

Posted by Haley Trost on April 21, 2017

Do you work in admissions, enrollment, or at a community college? If so, please join us for an upcoming webinar, Hit Your Target for New Student Enrollment, to learn new strategies for communicating with students and get the inside scoop on texting from Owens Community College. Register today!

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Mark your calendars for a free webinar on Wednesday, May 3rd at 2PM ET. In the webinar, texperts from Owens Community College and Signal Vine will share best practices and strategies for texting students.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to add text messaging to your admissions outreach strategy to improve your yield.
  • How to get buy-in for texting from your team and institution.
  • Best practices for texting students at each stage of the admissions funnel.

Space is limited, so register soon!

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