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#TextingTuesdays: How to Text Students in Multiple Languages

Posted by Paige Altieri on January 3, 2017
Welcome to 2017! Let's kick off the new year the best way we know how: with a new #TextingTuesdays video. New to #TextingTuesdays? Watch the first how-to video  here, or keep reading to watch this week's video on texting in different languages.
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#TextingTuesdays: How To Text Within 160 Characters

Posted by Paige Altieri on November 1, 2016

Need help getting your messages to fit into one 160-character text? Have no fear - our latest #TextingTuesdays how-to video is here to help. Arianna Hartmann, our Director of Customer Success, shares her favorite tips and tricks to keep your texts short and sweet. Watch it now!

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#TextingTuesday: How To...Write An Effective Call To Action

Posted by Signal Vine on October 18, 2016

Welcome back to Signal Vine's #TextingTuesdays video series, where you'll learn tips and tricks for optimizing your texting program.

This week we met with Stephanie Sweetland, Director of Business Development at Signal Vine. In this video, she explains how to write an effective call to action and provides examples that you can use today.

Want to nudge students, or just get them to click a link? Watch the video to learn how to get students to take action. Enjoy! 

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How to Write Texts that Get Students to Respond

Posted by Arianna Hartmann on August 17, 2016
 Are you texting students, but they’re not texting back? If you answered yes, these tips are for you! Here are four small tweaks you can make to your texts that have a huge impact on message response rates:
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