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CCCSE Report: Community Colleges and Financial Aid Borrowing

Posted by Samantha Yi on March 1, 2017

Why do students borrow in risky ways, run out of money, default on loans, and then ultimately withdraw from school? It's a common assumption that low-income students aren't financially literate. The 2017 report from The Center for Community College Student Engagementreveals that there may be more nuanced reasons to explain why students experience financial troubles. Keep reading to learn more about the report on student financial health.

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Why Low-Income Students Struggle in the College Process

Posted by Miranda Palter on February 4, 2016

Searching for and applying to colleges can be a tough process to navigate for even the most prepared and supported students. Low-income students face some unique struggles throughout the process, no matter how high-achieving they may be. Over 2/3 of students from low-income backgrounds attend community or for-profit colleges and often face lower graduation rates than their higher-income peers. Why is this?

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The Scholarship Search: How to Connect Students to the Right Resources

Posted by Haley Trost on January 15, 2016

It all started with a Google search: “scholarships for college students.” In 0.29 seconds, I had in front of me a list of 2.55 MILLION links, all offering to tell me what scholarships are and what they do and how I can get them and where I can apply and so on. It was overwhelming, and the future of my education didn’t even depend on it - I was only writing a blog post!

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Text Messages Help High Risk Borrowers Make Informed Loan Choices

Posted by Paige Altieri on January 8, 2016

Earning a college degree can be a fulfilling life experience - and a costly one. Student debt is continually rising and increasingly emerging as a policy concern. Though student loans are supposed to help students, some question the long-term effects on student borrowers. Community college and for-profit students in particular are at risk, since they often don’t have the resources or means necessary to understand the implications of a complicated loan origination process.

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Talking About Text on the 2015 #TextMeBack Tour

Posted by Signal Vine on November 6, 2015

At Signal Vine, we love to talk about text. We’ve found that the best way to reach organizations and talk about the power of texting is to meet them where they’re at - education conferences! The past few months have been a whirlwind of traveling, presenting, and meeting awesome organizations around the country who want to better engage students with texting.

The #TextMeBack Tour led us to so many different areas of the education field, which goes to show just how flexible and impactful texting can be with all kinds of student behaviors and outcomes. Here’s a sneak peek into our experience traveling the country to learn about the latest trends in education: 

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How the FAFSA Changes Will Impact Students

Posted by Haley Trost on September 18, 2015

This week marked a new milestone in the White House’s ongoin g eff orts to  provide students with access to affordable postsecondary education. On Monday, President Obama announced changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) intended to make the form faster and easier for students to file.
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How to Answer Students' Questions (Before They Ask)

Posted by Haley Trost on August 14, 2015

Have you ever had so many questions that you don’t even know where to begin? It’s overwhelming - and it’s what millions of first year college students are experiencing as the new school year approaches. 

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Welcome to TextMeBack!

Posted by Brian Kathman on July 6, 2015

Welcome to TextMeBack, the place where our "Signal Squad" will be sharing everything and anything we think you'll be interested in hearing. There's more than enough information and pictures on our site to give you a sense of who we are, but let me share a little bit more about the Signal Vine community that you might not know (unless you've been working with us for a while).

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