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AACRAO 2017- Here's What We Learned

Posted by Haley Trost on April 12, 2017

A six-hour flight delay on our way home from Minneapolis didn’t stop us from having a great time at the 103rd AACRAO Annual Meeting! We spent three days learning about the communications struggles and successes that registrars and admissions teams see every day.

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How to Solve The Biggest Problems with Student Engagement

Posted by Haley Trost on March 15, 2017
I recently got back from the NASPA Annual Conference for Student Affairs Administrators,  where a hot topic and buzzword was engagement. How do we engage students? Why do they become disengaged? What does the word engagement even really mean? With these questions buzzing around in my head, I turned to the National Survey of Student Engagement for some answers.
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Have You Been Ghosted?

Posted by Stephanie Sickler Sweetland on October 28, 2016
A spine-tingling tale familiar to anyone who regularly interacts with students.... 
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Celebrating Signal Vine's VIPs

Posted by Miranda Palter on July 21, 2016

On Tuesday night, Signal Vine hosted our very first VIP Event in Washington, DC! Texters from Michigan, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Ohio, Minnesota, Vermont, DC, and other states across the country came together to share their texting successes and network with other organizations. Attendees enjoyed a nacho bar and our signature "Text on the Beach" cocktail while mingling and taking snapshots in our photo booth.

The highlight of the evening was an exciting announcement about our recent projects and new features. Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts about these new advancements!

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Posted by Rachel Franco on April 26, 2016

 While exploring Signal Vine’s platform, great questions have emerged from our customers. We shared a few of our most frequently asked questions with answers from one of our Customer Succes Representatives, Rachel. Enjoy!

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How to Convince Your Boss You Need a Texting Platform

Posted by Paige Altieri on April 19, 2016

We understand that the decision-making process in higher education takes plenty of time and effort. We want to help you build the business case for texting! Share the following resources with your boss to help them understand and appreciate the value of a texting platform. 

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Why You Should Text Students Who Study Abroad

Posted by Jessica Perkins on March 10, 2016

When I decided to study abroad in Barcelona last semester, I couldn't have been more excited. However, I quickly realized that there was a lot of preparation that needed to be done, and it took frequent communication with my advisor to get everything in order. There was a lot to keep track of: strict deadlines for my visa application, language placement tests, class registration, course approval forms, and so much more.

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5 Tips for Managing Text Responses in Your Inbox

Posted by Arianna Hartmann on February 11, 2016

The contract is signed, the texting program is created, the staff is trained, and now it’s officially Signal Vine Launch Day! Today’s the day you start sending text messages to your students - and they start texting you back.

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Let's Talk About Text: Brigham Young University

Posted by Signal Vine on December 4, 2015

Course registration, exams, financial aid, making friends - these are intimidating topics first-year students encounter when they arrive on campus each fall. That's why orientation and first-year programs are so important: these programs can be really effective at guiding new students through unfamiliar processes and connecting them to the people and resources they need to succeed at their new school. We reached out to Bryce Bunting, Associate Director of Brigham Young University's First-Year Mentoring Office, to learn more about BYU's approach to the first-year experience and how the program uses text messaging to address the unique needs of first-year students.

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The Importance of Being Human: Why Personalization Matters

Posted by Miranda Palter on November 20, 2015

Have you ever called a company for customer service help and been greeted by an automated system? The experience feels impersonal and cold. No one likes to talk to a computer, and students are no different. They're used to receiving and dismissing mass automated messages, which is why we always stress the importance of personalization.

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