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#TextingTuesdays: Signal Vine's Integration with Salesforce

Posted by Paige Altieri on February 21, 2017
Welcome back to another episode of #TextingTuesdays! This week Hunter Watts, a Product Development Associate at Signal Vine, will review Signal Vine's integration with Salesforce.
Watch this episode as Hunter explains how our Salesforce integration works:
1. Two-way integration. Participant and message data can be pushed from Signal Vine to Salesforce (and vice versa). If student data is updated within Salesforce, this information can automatically be updated within Signal Vine. 
2. Message history inbox. Any back and forth messages stored or sent in Signal Vine are automatically logged in Salesforce. The user can then see all communications that have happened with a student directly within their CRM. 
3. Integration with custom objects. Signal Vine can connect with any custom object within Salesforce.
4. Participant import from Salesforce. Participants can be added directly into Signal Vine from Salesforce. As new contacts are added into Salesforce, choose if you want them to automatically appear within the Signal Vine platform.

Click here to learn more about Signal Vine's integration with Salesforce! 


About the author: Hunter Watts is a Product Development Associate at Signal Vine. Hunter is an expert in product development and your go-to guy for integration questions. Find Hunter on LinkedIn here

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