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#TextingTuesdays: How To Get Students To Opt Into Your Program

Posted by Paige Altieri on December 20, 2016
A common question we're asked is: "How do I collect my students' cell phone numbers?" The answer is simpler than you think. In fact, you probably even have your students' cell phone numbers already! Watch this week's #TextingTuesdays video to learn how to get those phone numbers and start texting your students.
Haley, one of our Business Development Associates, answers these three questions in the video:
1. Should I text my students first, or have them text me?
2. How do I collect student cell phone numbers?
3. How do I comply with FCC opt-in and consent regulations?
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About the video blogger: Haley is a Business Development Associate at Signal Vine. This is her first appearance on #TextingTuesdays. Look out for more videos from Haley, or find her on LinkedIn.
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