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Signal Vine is Now Integrated With Salesforce

Posted by Hunter Watts on March 24, 2016

Signal Vine’s Salesforce integration is finally here!  We are always working on ways to improve the quality of our product, so we hope you enjoy this new feature. With our integration solution, you will be able to: view participant data and messages in Salesforce, update participant information in Signal Vine through Salesforce, and add Salesforce contacts to Signal Vine programs.  We have an integration user guide designed for your organization’s Salesforce Administrator.


Our messaging is data driven, so we understand how important integrations are to many of our customers.  We also know that keeping up with all of the different software products your organization uses can be a hassle.  Our Salesforce integration is designed to make your life easier! Now you can maintain that great relationship with your students without having to manage multiple software products.

Text messaging is quickly becoming more popular in education and other industries. Many organizations that use text messaging also use Student Information Systems to keep track of their students.  At Signal Vine, we want to make sure that our product remains easy to use.  By integrating with Student Information Systems, we can provide an even better text messaging solution for your organization! 

Salesforce is one of the most popular Student Information Systems that our customers use, but we are working on many more! We understand how important it is to our customers to extend the use of their Student Information Systems.  Some other integrations we are working on include: Ellucian, Oracle Peoplesoft, Campus Management, Jenzabar, Microsoft Dynamics, and EMAS. Enjoy!  

Click here to learn more about Signal Vine's integration with Salesforce! 



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