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Introducing the Signal Vine User App

Posted by Sahil Mehra on July 25, 2016
Signal Vine has big news and we know everyone has been waiting for this for quite some time. Drum roll please... the Signal Vine user app will be released by the end of the summer!
Until now, users have accessed the Signal Vine platform exclusively through a web browser. The release of our app means that users will be able to use the platform more easily on the go through our iOS and Android apps. The main functionality of the app includes: 


Message Creation: Text your students on the fly without giving out your personal phone number! And yes, you can send emojis. 🙂

                                   Screen_Shot_2016-07-25_at_10.24.52_AM.png     Screen_Shot_2016-07-25_at_10.24.31_AM.png

Swipe Mark Read: Similar to the "Mail" app, you'll be able to swipe messages to flag them or mark them as "read" to keep up with inbound messages from students when you're not in the office.

Message Inbox: View all the messages from your student caseload in a message inbox.

Conversation Flow: Read the full back-and-forth message history with each student to give you important conversational context.

Participant Search: Need to search for a student and confirm a meeting on the go? No problem. You'll be able to search for students based on different attributes. 

We are so excited for our Signal Vine users to download our app. Stay tuned for an announcement on the exact release date!

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