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Introducing Dual Enrollment’s New Superhero: College in High School Alliance

Posted by Samantha Yi on March 10, 2017
Have you heard of the College in High School Alliance (CHSA)? It's a coalition of schools, school networks, and advocacy groups that advocate for policies supporting high-quality dual enrollment programs. We attended a CHSA panel in Washington, DC last week to learn about promoting college success through dual enrollment programs. Read on to hear about the case studies that were discussed and the benefits of implementing a dual enrollment program at your institution.
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Topics: Higher Education, Dual Enrollment

CCCSE Report: Community Colleges and Financial Aid Borrowing

Posted by Samantha Yi on March 1, 2017

Why do students borrow in risky ways, run out of money, default on loans, and then ultimately withdraw from school? It's a common assumption that low-income students aren't financially literate. The 2017 report from The Center for Community College Student Engagementreveals that there may be more nuanced reasons to explain why students experience financial troubles. Keep reading to learn more about the report on student financial health.

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