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Sahil Mehra

Sahil is a business development and entrepreneurial professional. Prior to joining Signal Vine, he founded the Nova Soccer Academy in 2014. Sahil used his business development, social media marketing, and networking skills to build a premier youth soccer brand and develop partnerships with notable local organizations. Sahil graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (concentration in Public Relations) and a business Minor. When Sahil is not in the office, you can find him on a soccer field, partaking in extreme outdoor actives, or stuffing his face with delicious food.

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Are You Sending Too Many Emails?

Posted by Sahil Mehra on November 11, 2016

Email is out. You know it, we know it, students know it. Michigan State University recently found out exactly why email stopped working with their students with the help of sticky notes, leading university administrators to rethink their entire communication strategy.

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Introducing the Signal Vine User App

Posted by Sahil Mehra on July 25, 2016
Signal Vine has big news and we know everyone has been waiting for this for quite some time. Drum roll please... the Signal Vine user app will be released by the end of the summer!
Until now, users have accessed the Signal Vine platform exclusively through a web browser. The release of our app means that users will be able to use the platform more easily on the go through our iOS and Android apps. The main functionality of the app includes: 
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6 Questions Your Team Has About Texting

Posted by Sahil Mehra on February 18, 2016

You've read the research, seen the demo, and now you're ready to start texting your students. The only problem? The rest of your team isn't on board yet. Come to your next team meeting prepared to handle these frequently asked questions: 

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