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Mythbusting: The 160 Character Limit

Posted by Miranda Palter on September 28, 2016
“How long can my text messages be?” We’ve been hearing that question a lot, and as experts in higher education texting, we want to set the record straight. All of your questions about text messaging lengths and limitations are answered here!
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Topics: Tips & Tricks, Best Practices, Texting, Character Limit, Mythbusting

How Students Pay for College-and How Your Institution Can Help

Posted by Miranda Palter on August 25, 2016

Public and private college tuition is continuously increasing, making it harder for students to overcome the huge hurdle of financing higher education. Your institution can make it easier for students to access the information they need to make smart financial decisions. Here’s how:

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Topics: Student Life, Financial Aid, scholarships

Celebrating Signal Vine's VIPs

Posted by Miranda Palter on July 21, 2016

On Tuesday night, Signal Vine hosted our very first VIP Event in Washington, DC! Texters from Michigan, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Ohio, Minnesota, Vermont, DC, and other states across the country came together to share their texting successes and network with other organizations. Attendees enjoyed a nacho bar and our signature "Text on the Beach" cocktail while mingling and taking snapshots in our photo booth.

The highlight of the evening was an exciting announcement about our recent projects and new features. Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts about these new advancements!

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7 Things You Didn't Know About Texting

Posted by Miranda Palter on June 9, 2016

Texting is everywhere and everyone texts, but how much do you actually know about texting? You might know how to send an emoji, but do you know what the first text message said? We've gathered seven of the best texting facts to share with you - enjoy! 

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Topics: Research, Facts, Texting

How to Identify and Retain At-Risk Students with Text Messaging

Posted by Miranda Palter on February 25, 2016

Student retention is one of the most difficult tasks higher education institutions face in today’s competitive, information-heavy environment. It’s also one of the most important tasks, because retaining students improves long-term outcomes for both students and institutions.

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Topics: Retention, Higher Education, Research

Why Low-Income Students Struggle in the College Process

Posted by Miranda Palter on February 4, 2016

Searching for and applying to colleges can be a tough process to navigate for even the most prepared and supported students. Low-income students face some unique struggles throughout the process, no matter how high-achieving they may be. Over 2/3 of students from low-income backgrounds attend community or for-profit colleges and often face lower graduation rates than their higher-income peers. Why is this?

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Topics: Enrollment, Student Life, Financial Aid

The Importance of Being Human: Why Personalization Matters

Posted by Miranda Palter on November 20, 2015

Have you ever called a company for customer service help and been greeted by an automated system? The experience feels impersonal and cold. No one likes to talk to a computer, and students are no different. They're used to receiving and dismissing mass automated messages, which is why we always stress the importance of personalization.

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Texting, WhatsApp, Facebook: What’s the Difference?

Posted by Miranda Palter on October 16, 2015

When it comes to communicating with students, the #1 goal is keeping them engaged. Schools and organizations attempt to engage students in a number of ways, but with so many communication channels to leverage, it seems like we’re always one step behind students. It can certainly be tempting to follow students from trend to trend as they move from Instagram to Snapchat and from WhatsApp to Kik, making us ask ourselves: What’s the difference among all of these apps, and what’s the most effective way to reach students?

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Topics: Parent Engagement, Engagement, Best Practices

A Nudge in the Right Direction

Posted by Miranda Palter on October 9, 2015

You may be familiar with “Summer Nudging” and some of the work that researchers have done around texting students to improve matriculation rates. But what exactly is a text message nudge? And why is it effective? 

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Topics: Summer Melt, Engagement, Research

NCAN Members Use Texting to Combat Summer Melt

Posted by Miranda Palter on August 21, 2015

This summer, the National College Access Network (NCAN), partnered with us to implement text-based outreach services to their member organizations to support their students’ transition from high school to college. 

The summer intervention draws from the lessons of applied behavioral economics research by Drs. Benjamin Castleman and Lindsay Page, which showed an 11% increase in matriculation when sending personalized text message “nudges” to students during the summer between high school and college. The program allowed participating organizations to opt students into a Summer Melt Campaign, with messages designed by NCAN and personalized to students’ college choices. 

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Topics: College Access, Summer Melt, Higher Education, Engagement