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Behind the Scenes at Signal Vine

Posted by Katie Flood on April 19, 2017
Six months ago, I joined the Signal Vine team as a Customer Success Associate. Ever wondered what our Customer Success team does behind the scenes? Here's a sneak peek! (PS - we're hiring!)
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5 Things Beginners Should Know About Texting Students

Posted by Katie Flood on April 4, 2017

If you're new to texting students, you may not know where to begin. Katie, a Customer Success Associate at Signal Vine, shares her top five things you need to know when you first get started texting. 

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How to Create the Ultimate Intro Text

Posted by Katie Flood on January 10, 2017

Writing an engaging introduction text is the easiest way to grab your students' attention - and keep it! Connecting personally with your students early on keeps them engaged beyond the first message for the duration of your texting campaign. Here's how to write a powerful introductory text message.

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