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Jessica Perkins

Jessica has returned for her second year as a Business Development intern at Signal Vine. She is a junior at The George Washington University School of Business studying Marketing and International Business. She is originally from Jamaica. Jessica is a member of the GW Women’s Squash Team.

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To Abbreviate, or Not to Abbreviate?

Posted by Jessica Perkins on September 8, 2016
It can be tricky to craft the perfect text message to students. You have a lot to say, not much room to say it, and on top of that, you don’t want to be seen as trying too hard. This is where text abbreviations come in - when used appropriately, they can go a long way with students, but they’re so easy to misuse. Here’s my advice for abbreviating text messages:
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Your Essential Guide to Using Emojis

Posted by Jessica Perkins on September 6, 2016

You’re on the right track if you’re already texting students, but you may not realize that the way you text students can make or break your texting relationship. As students, we know when a text is coming from a machine and when it’s coming from a person, and we want to talk to real people at our colleges to help us get through the processes and deadlines we deal with every day. One fun and easy way to make texts more personal and build stronger relationships between staff and students is to use emojis in your texts.

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Why I Wish I Received Texts From My Academic Advisor

Posted by Jessica Perkins on May 24, 2016

During the school year, there always seems to be some task that's hanging over my head - and I think most students agree. Whether it's upcoming registration dates, financial aid deadlines, or class approvals, there's always some task that we as students need to complete - but for some reason, we just don't.

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Low-Income Students Pay Almost Half Their Earnings in Tuition Costs

Posted by Jessica Perkins on April 6, 2016

Time and time again, we see students struggling to afford college tuition when universities fail to meet students' financial needs. A recent report by Steven Burd, a policy analyst at New America, revealed that this reccuring problem is now significantly affecting extremely low-income students. Burd has found that there are hundreds of schools that are expecting families who make $30,000 or less per year to pay more than half of their salary in tuition costs. A large portion of these schools appear to be private nonprofit colleges. 

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Why You Should Text Students Who Study Abroad

Posted by Jessica Perkins on March 10, 2016

When I decided to study abroad in Barcelona last semester, I couldn't have been more excited. However, I quickly realized that there was a lot of preparation that needed to be done, and it took frequent communication with my advisor to get everything in order. There was a lot to keep track of: strict deadlines for my visa application, language placement tests, class registration, course approval forms, and so much more.

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