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A Wonderful Two Years (and Counting!)

Posted by Brian Kathman on November 10, 2015
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I want to take a moment as we celebrate the two year anniversary of Signal Vine as a company to reflect on the past two years and thank all of you who have helped a simple idea grow into widespread impact.  
Happy Anniversary to Signal Vine 
Better communication produces better results.
It's a really simple concept, but it's so powerful. A common response to the idea of using text messaging to more effectively communicate with students is, "That's so obvious," but the results are powerful and have tremendous impact on the futures of so many students.  
It can be difficult to calculate the impact we're having only two years into this journey, but I'll give it a try. We know from the research that as many as 11% percent more students matriculate to college when being nudged and working with advisors on the Signal Vine platform. The data would suggest that not just hundreds, but thousands of students are now enrolled in college because of the efforts of our customers using the Signal Vine platform.
We believe this is just the beginning.
Educational institutions are finding so many ways to leverage better communications to produce better results. The use cases sometimes seem endless: financial aid, academic advising, first year student experience, and many other ways to impact student experience, achievement, and success!
We will continue to make our intelligent messaging smarter, making it increasingly obvious how to maximize the impact with any given student. In these ways, we really are just beginning.
We're excited for what the next two years hold. If they are anywhere as action-packed as the first two years, then our pride will certainly balloon as the impact continues to explode and reach so many more students in many more places.
We couldn't have done it without all of you!
Signal Vine's short, rich history is sprinkled with the collaborations, insights, feedback, and hard work of so many people. First and foremost, the research of Dr. Lindsay Page and Dr. Ben Castleman propelled the idea that text messaging could be a viable channel for student engagement, and the influence of their "nudges" is the foundation of all of this impact. We also have wonderful partners like uAspire who have set the standard for text advising (and great partnerships), and a long list of enthusiastic customers led by amazing advocates like Karla Krodel, Karen Keegan, and too many others to name.
And finally, we have the most amazing team around! I won't embarrass them by naming them individually (just check the website), but it's fair to say we've assembled a team of all-stars, which is the only way we could have accomplished what we have in two short years.
Happy Texting!
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